Drinking from a cup

Ever since I took Madeleine to tour the Montessori school and learned that kids can learn to drink from cups at a very early age, we sort of banished sippy cups from the house. Simply because they’re not necessary.

Up until now, I always assisted her with drinking from a cup by half-holding and stabilizing it for her. She also recently figured out how to drink from a straw, which I have no idea how that happened. She just suddenly did it one day when we were out to eat a few weeks ago.

Then, the other night when I was at the gym for a little workout, Alex taught Madeleine to take her sips without any assistance. Wanna see?? Click Here!

Haha! What a tease, right? But in the video she is saying milk over and over “biljk” is the closest spelling I can get to how she says it, but I love her words. She is getting new ones every day. Sometimes as much as 4 words a day!  In fact, I’ve stopped counting the words because she has so many now.

Daddy gives Madeleine a lot more free reign than mommy when it comes to messy adventures, probably because mommy gets sick of cleaning up messes since she is home more than daddy. LOL! So he gave her the leeway to learn this, and she’s a pro now. She doesn’t want mommy’s help at all now!

Click here to see!


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One response to “Drinking from a cup

  1. grandma

    Daddy is absolutely priceless with her- encouraging, tolerant, supportive. Great Dad!

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