Today was another adventurous MRI day for the Tomlin household. These days are always long and stressful for all 3 of us, but today was exceptionally long and stressful since we were waiting to find out if her tumor is really growing, as is a possibility based on the last MRI.

First, the MRI. It went as expected. I was a bit of a mess after she went back just because I was so worried, I think. Alex and I went to get some food and Starbucks and when I went to pay, the cashier told me that the woman in front of me had already covered it. Alex and I both looked at her and she said that she pays for young families from time to time when she sees them in line. She pointed at our stroller and said “I know where your child isn’t, which means I know where she probably is.” and I just about lost it. I am not normally so overly emotional about MRI’s, but this one was so scary. 😦 Anyway, it was very very sweet of her to do that, and it meant a lot to us that someone would be kind to complete strangers on a rough day.

The MRI went smoothly, as usual. She was asleep when they brought her back to the recovery room and she slept for about half an hour.

Passed out

Such a little girl. Sometimes I forget.

See!! Look at that tiny, sweet hand.

After she woke up, she got to snuggle with her daddy and have a snack of milk and goldfish crackers.  Daddy asked her if she wanted to share with him, and she took her fish cracker, put it up to his mouth and then pulled it away again! Then she proceeded to put it in her mouth and eat it. And giggle. All while her daddy looked down at her in shock. Haha!

So cute.

Look at her cute little smile. 🙂

See? Then she pulled it back out and stuck it in her mouth. Eww! haha!

We then went to the cafeteria and had some real lunch since she hadn’t eaten a meal all day, other than the aforementioned snack. She really enjoyed eating and gobbled food down! And then came the waiting game for her hem-onc appointment with Cori. We had nearly 2 hours to kill, and Madeleine had made up her mind how she wanted to spend those hours. Exploring. That’s right! She walked all over the 6th floor of that hospital today, and she did such a good job!

Evidently she got tired of walking at one point, and laid down on the carpet. ?? What the heck?!

Finally we were called back, but then we had to wait another 45 minutes before we got to see the doctor. Needless to say, Madeleine was getting more than a little antsy. So we walked up and down the hallway and colored and just generally tried to keep her entertained. During that time, we practiced saying “Cori”, but Madeleine couldn’t quite get that. So instead we practiced saying “hi” and “doctor”. 🙂 She got those down and said hi to Cori that way!! It was so cute, and seemed to make Cori’s day.

Madeleine showed Cori her walking skills, her squatting skills and her just general cuteness skills. But the very first thing that Cori said when we were in the room was: “So, her MRI looks the same as it did last time.” Phew! 6 weeks of worrying and wondering all for a quick, 5 second sentence.  We are not going to have another MRI for 3 months and will go back to her previous maintenance plan from before with monthly blood work and MRI’s every 3 months.

By the end of the day, the poor girl was so tired, she passed out in the car on the way home and then re-passed out after her daddy got her out of the car.

So sleepy

Overall, great MRI results, an exhausting day and hopefully Madeleine sleeps REALLY well tonight! 🙂



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4 responses to “MRI Day

  1. SUCH good news 🙂 So glad to hear it for all of you.

  2. dana

    your blog always makes me cry. i love you guys and am so happy for your good results. danielle, bri, and I were praying all day for you guys. you are so strong, and I’m so glad that lady was in line w/ you at starbucks. love you (again!)

  3. i love you and madeleine and alex and that amazing lady in starbucks.
    but, i believe I said it before…..

    (now, i think we should all watch that mickey song Madeleine likes and do her dance to celebrate!!!!!)

  4. grandma

    I worried so much, felt such relief, and then cried again when I read about the Starbucks incident. What a wonderful woman! xo xo

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