Bye bye binky!

That’s right, my little girl will no longer be getting a binky. At all.

You might remember that I had weaned her off the binky at night because she was losing it through the crib rails and waking up upset. So for a while there she only had it at nap time. Or if she was teething and her mouth was hurting her. But then it drifted into her molars where teething lasted for 2+ weeks since both teeth were coming in and that just got ridiculous. And then. Then she learned how to say “binky”.  Once she knew how to ask for it, you’d better believe she demanded it. All. The. Time.  I wasn’t too concerned about this initially, because I was home with her and, eh. I just wasn’t too worried about it.

Daycare at the gym!

However, this mama has found herself a job, which means that Madeleine is going to be starting daycare (aka: school) here very shortly. So this week we are weaning off the binky. And by that, I mean, it is gone. Bye bye. No more. The first day or two were miserable and there was lots of “BINKY!!” demands.  Followed by “Peeez! Peeez! Peeez!” Since we have been working on saying please when she asks for things. Of course, that creates quite the parenting conflict for me. She is doing as I asked, but now she doesn’t get what she wants. **sigh** But I held my ground.

The second day we did nap time without the binky. I knew this was going to be a disaster, but she actually fell asleep/got quiet within 20 minutes. We are currently on day 3 of the cold turkey binky weaning and she is doing great. She does ask occasionally, and I deflect or distract and she is doing pretty well now that she’s over the initial shock of not having it. Nap time is still a bit of a cry fest, initially, but the crying never lasts for more than 20 minutes.

So, wish us luck, because Madeleine will be starting her official transition to the Montessori school on Monday!! She will be in full-time care starting on the 31st.  It’s all happening very quickly, but I’m sure she will enjoy it and learn a ton.


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  1. grandma

    I’m glad I got the chance to hear her demanding the binky with the peaz peaz peaz, but this is for the best. She is becoming a Big Girl! xo xo

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