The Pink Eye Battle

I knew that when Madeleine started daycare, she would be exposed to all sorts of germs. I knew she would probably get sick and have to miss a day here and there. I did not know that this first sickness would be pink eye which would keep her out of daycare for four days.

Luckily, it started on a Friday and the daycare didn’t initially think it was pink eye, so they didn’t send her home that day. But by Saturday morning, it was quite obvious she needed to go to the doctor. It also was handy that her regular pediatrician happened to be working that Saturday. The doctors rotate at the Bellevue Saturday clinic, so his presence was not necessarily guaranteed. She was feeling just fine, aside from the eye issue and ran all over the waiting room. See?

Checkin' out the fish tank

See what a mess? šŸ˜¦

Anyhow, she was diagnosed with pink eye and prescribed drops. After waking up from her nap that afternoon, her eye was a mess. It had gotten swollen and even more goopy and just, ick. Thanks to timing, we had been unable to get her prescription filled before her nap, so we went after she finally got up. Sunday, while still goopy, her eye was definitely not swollen anymore and we thought she was on the mend. Her ped told us that after 24 hours on the drops, she’d no longer be contagious. What great news! This meant no interruption to daycare.

Except that after Alex dropped her off on Monday, they called him and had him pick her up again because of the goopiness. Evidently, she cannot go back to daycare when her eye still looks that way. ***sigh*** So we waited it out through Monday and then on Tuesday it started looking better. Until Wednesday when it started looking worse again. Alex took Wednesday off of work (his days off are Sun/Mon/Tues, so the other two days were fine) and I took Thursday off so I could take her to the doctor. Again.

Her daycare was great, and offered the option that if we took her back to the doctor and got a note saying she wasĀ noncontagious and suitableĀ to go back to daycare, that they would allow her back. Oye! So back we went. Again, with the running around the waiting room and acting like absolutely nothing was wrong.

Her doctor determined that she actually had a secondary infection from allergies (which I guess is common?) and that’s why it got better and then worse again. She also had an ear infection developing, so she’s now on an oral antibiotic to clear it all up, and it is working. Her eye is looking much better now, so that is good. She’s also back in daycare, which is also good since both Alex and I are in new work positions and can’t be taking all this time off.

Exhausted after we got home


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