Those of you who know Madeleine in person, know how much she adores Mickey. He can cheer her up, no matter what is wrong. Honestly. It’s a little disturbing, actually.

Last week a package arrived from Grandma (my mom). In that package were several Mickey items for Madeleine, but her favorite by far is the little stuffed Mickey Mouse. In fact, it already needs to be washed because she sleeps with it, drags it around the house, chews on it, smears her runny nose on it, etc. Ew! On Friday I had to explain to her that Mickey didn’t go to daycare and that she had to go put him down before we could get in the car. Eventually she did, but boy, she sure didn’t want to.

Holding her brand new Mickey with her Mickey snack container

With Mickey at the doctor



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2 responses to “M-I-C-K-E-Y

  1. Amber

    She’s sooo cute!

  2. grandma

    Hmmmm, makes me think she might need a bigger Mickey, so sort of spread the grime around! This makes us smile. xoxo

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