A few weeks back I noticed this fridge toy at Target and thought it would be fun for Madeleine. We’ve been working on her ABC’s for a little while now, and she can repeat all of the letters after me. She also knows that the end of the song goes “Next time won’t you sing with ME!” and if I pause after the “with” she will say “ME!!!” with vigor! 😀 It’s really quite cute. This toy helps her identify the sounds each letter creates in combination with the shape of the letter. Each letter plugs into the larger fridge “base” and it sings her a little song about what sounds that letter makes. “M says mmm M says mmm, every letter has a sound, M says mmm”

Needless to say, she loves it. 🙂



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2 responses to “Letters

  1. Is that care bear themed?

  2. ricekrispies2000@hotmail.com

    Such a cutie! Those letter things are awesome. We still have the barnyard one. 🙂

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