It has been 1 year

Yes, one whole year since Madeleine was diagnosed with cancer. An entire year. Wow.

On the one hand it is so hard to believe that we have now lived with cancer for more than 50% of her short life. On the other, it seems very difficult to remember a time that was not tainted by it and the doctor’s appointments and worry that come along with this type of diagnosis.

However, despite the difficulty she has faced this past year, we have also had some amazing things happen and are so very very thankful for those things.

So, on this bittersweet anniversary, we choose to remember the sweet. Her incredible strength while going through treatment with all of the surgery, pokes, prods and doctor’s visits.  Her fighting attitude to learn to move, crawl and walk. The loving support of our family and friends to help get us through the sleepless nights, exhausting days and worry-filled appointments. These are all things that made the experience better than it could have been.

We have grown as a family, seen people’s true colors – in good ways and bad, and learned to truly appreciate each other, the life we have and the time we spend together.  We have come out on the other side stronger and wiser and with so much love for our little girl.



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2 responses to “It has been 1 year

  1. grandma

    And now you know why Winnie the Pooh package was sent. I didn’t say at the time because I didn’t want to remind you. But we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate her recovery on the anniversary of her diagnosis – because her accomplishments have been incredible. And, we think that is in part to her fantastic parents! xo xo

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