Yet another surgery is scheduled

You may remember me posting about Madeleine having a battle with pink eye. Since then, she has had 5 total infections, and we finally got referred to an ophthalmologist at Seattle Children’s. We met with her last Friday and she said that it was very clearly a blocked tear duct. No big shocker to us, since Alex had the same issue as a child and it seemed to me that the infections were a larger issue than just infections. No child gets infection after infection after infection when no other kids have pink eye.

Waiting for the nurse to take us back

So, we had two options. Surgery next Monday (August 29th) or wait until the middle of October. I really don’t think it’s good to wait until October, which the ophthalmologist agreed with, so we opted for August 29th. This is not great timing for a multitude of reasons, but it will have to work.

The doctor will go in and scope her tear duct and tear drainage line (real technical term, right?) down her nose. She’ll then insert a stint to keep the duct/line open while she heals. That will get removed after a couple of months. From there, her eye should drain just like everyone else’s. Her eye has never really drained normally, so Alex and I have fully expected this at some point.

Look what a good color-er she is! 🙂

Expected recovery time is 1-2 days. It’s a fairly quick, out-patient procedure and the doctor said she should be feeling back to normal by that evening. If not, she definitely will the next day.

So, keep her in your thoughts next Monday. I don’t have the details behind surgery time and check-in for anesthesia, but they expect it will be early morning.

Who would guess this little girl has been through so much??



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3 responses to “Yet another surgery is scheduled

  1. Oh no! Can’t believe you guys have to go through another thing right now, but glad her teary eye will get a little better. Will be thinking of you guys during surgery time.

  2. thetomlinfamily

    Thanks, Bri. Gosh, I have so much news and I feel like we never talk anymore! 😦

  3. OH poor little girl. She’s a trooper though and will be her smiley self in no time, I’m sure! Will be thinking extra good thoughts and prayers of you guys on Monday. You’ve been on my mind lately.

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