Fun in the sun!

We have had some fabulous summer weather lately, so this past weekend we thought of some fun things to do with Madeleine so she could enjoy the weather. 🙂

First, Alex suggested going blackberry picking. Madeleine loves “bahbwees”. Not just blackberries, but all berries!! I had a feeling she’d enjoy this activity, and she totally did! Alex helped lift her up high so she could get the berries that were difficult to reach, and that little girl is a berry gobbler! She ate so many berries. Ha! I didn’t think she would eat dinner.

Look how high!

See how thrilled she is?


Time to pick more berries

She needed to burn off some steam after picking berries, so she ran around playing for a little bit. She loved the “fowers” and thought they were pretty and smelled nice.

Time to take a moment to smell the flowers 😀

We had a great time! After we got home, she got to run in the sprinkler, but those photos/video will be saved for another day. 🙂


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  1. grandma

    She is my baby-smelling flowers!!!! Such cute photos. xo xo

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