4 Monkeys!!

Madeleine has been making some very exciting progress with her language. She went from repeating words to knowing what almost everything is. She knows all sorts of additional animal sounds (Horses – neigh: sheep – baaah: frogs – ribbit, etc).

She’s also figuring out numbers and letters. For numbers, she just randomly counts! And a couple of weeks ago, she counted from 1-10, repeatedly. And randomly. It’s so cute! Her favorite number for a while was 2, and now it appears to be 6. We’re also working on 11 and 12 and she’s counted up to 12 a couple of times. She also can point to certain numbers and know which ones they are.

Letters are a little bit behind numbers. We sing the alphabet song all the time and she’ll chime in with letters every so often. She’s also recognized certain letters and pointed them out. B, C, F seem to be common ones.

So, with all of this learning, she is also on to 2 word phrases with the occasional 3 word and once she even said “shooos off. Daddy hepp pease” which translates to “Shoes off, daddy help please”. Yes, that’s right! 5 words!!

Last week she came to work with me at the end of the day and colored me pictures to hang at my desk while I worked after-hours.

Now, for the hilarity that comes along with this. We have little conversations, all the time. I ask her questions and she answers with sometimes real words and sometimes baby babble. So the other day I said “Madeleine, do you know that mommy loves you?” And she said “yeah!” to which I asked “How much does mommy love you?” and she replied “4 monkeys!” I was a little baffled, so I said “4 monkeys?” and she said “yeah. 4 monkeys!”  Huh. So I repeated the same initial questions and she again replied with “4 monkeys”  😀 If you all knew how much she loved monkeys, you’d understand that 4 monkeys must be a lot of love. LOL!

Loving on the cat! She said "Kitty snuggle!" 😀 See how thrilled Calliope looks? hahahahaha!

And, on a happy mobility note, this weekend I was folding clothes upstairs and Madeleine started running from our bedroom, through the bathroom and into the closet (you have to go through the bathroom to get to the walk-in). Then she started saying “Fast! Fast!” and then she said “Running! FAST!”  and I can attest to the fact that she is officially running now. Our little girl can run!! The same little girl that was paralyzed a little over a year ago. Simply amazing. 😀


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  1. She’s definitely a little miracle! Can’t wait to get together with y’all soon!

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