10-9-2011 Update


That’s right, it’s good news today! She is doing fantastic and has had all of her IVs removed. 😀 Alex stayed with her last night and said she slept ok, so that is great as well. Her nurse said she’s been doing amazingly with only Tylenol and hasn’t had a dose of Oxycodone since 4am. Wo0t!

The doctors did rounds at about 11am. I overslept at home, so I’m glad they didn’t do them super early like they normally do. A few things:

  1. She should be able to bathe in the tub after Wednesday. That’s exciting. 🙂 She loves baths.
  2. In a couple of days she can take off the dressing that’s over her chest tube wound. Although, I will just leave it on until it starts coming off. I don’t see a need to take it off unnecessarily.
  3. She will be switching from Tylenol and Ibuprofen to the Oxycodone because they want to ensure she doesn’t develop any infection related fevers. You might remember this same thing while she was on chemo. But they are reducing the dosage since she clearly doesn’t need much if only Tylenol was doing the job.
  4.  We’re still on gen. surgery’s service so we have not seen anybody from hem-onc. I asked them if they could please check in with them to find out what our process is going to be for follow-ups and if someone could please come talk to us because I have questions. I should have some sort of answer about that by the end of today, or when we check out. If not, I’ll keep asking, I guess. Still annoyed by that. I do not understand why two services can’t come talk to us. I consider hem-onc kind of our “home base” of providers here and would appreciate  at least a check in.
  5. And most exciting of all – if she is eating more normally by this afternoon, they said that we can explore discharge this afternoon/tonight. WOOHOOOO!!! And that is the reason for the smiling picture, above. Even Madeleine has expressed that she would like to go home.
Some language developments in the last couple of days: She is using full sentences or nearly full sentences instead of just 2 and sometimes 3 word phrases. 😀 She says things like “daddy eating food!” “daddy doing now?” (what’s daddy doing now?) and “Book, read it peeease!” Occasionally “book! Read it NOW!” which makes mommy upset. I don’t take demands from 2 year olds and this results in her saying “I sowwy, mommy. Hug! Hug!” 😀 Then we move on to: “I see nose! I see eyes! I see teeef” “Milk, peeease!” “Watch Micky Mouse!” “My oranges!” “My crackers!” Most of the nurses and doctors have commented on how impressive her language skills are for her age. 🙂
My guess is that since she can’t run around here like she does at home, she is picking up a lot more language since that’s all I can really do with her. Read books, practice words and letters and numbers and watch movies.
She has had a bit more to eat since the doctors said she needed to eat  to go home. About half a little thing of cheerios. A bite of cheeseburger and a couple of fries. A little bit of cookie. She’s still drinking milk well, though. We’ll keep working on the food! But for now, she’s taking a nap. 🙂 She rocked to sleep on me, so I used it as an opportunity to help de-tangle some of her gnarly tangles on the back of her head from sleeping on her back so much.  When I finished, I laid her down she stayed asleep, even. Good girl! So, for now she looks like the picture below. So sweet.

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