Happy Halloween!

This year, our little girl was her favorite female cartoon character!

Our very own Minnie Mouse!

This is officially Madeleine’s 3rd Halloween. She was only a couple of weeks old for her first Halloween. Then, her second Halloween was right before she had surgery last year, so it was lower key, as well. This year she got to go trick or treating for the very first time!! We’re still working on actually saying trick or treat, but she certainly got a lot of  “awwwww!!” comments and “what a cute Minnie!!” exclamations.

Getting her to let us put the ears on was quite the chore, but eventually she loved them so much that she would get upset any time they fell off. Such a goof! Husband had to go to class tonight, so it was just me and the mini-Minnie out for trick or treating.

So, here we go – Pictures!

With daddy trying to keep me from pulling my ears off. LOL!

And pulling her ears off became a game! haha!


Being silly!


About to go!


Off we go!


Are you coming, mama??

Then we came to a house that had a perfectly themed pumpkin!

Can you tell who this pumpkin is?


See who we found sauntering down our street?? Crazy!

😀 She was thrilled with our little pumpkin family.

Her loot!

Happy Halloween everyone! Madeleine had a great time, we hope you did, too.



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2 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. The bloomers totally make the outfit – LOVE IT!

  2. grandma

    minnie Minnie is just darling! And her parents are bad either! So many wonderful events to look forward to in the coming years. j

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