2 years old – What’s happening?

2 Years Old!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little girl! She’s no longer our baby – and is officially a little girl. Crazy how fast time flies. Apologies for the delayed birthday post. Between her surgery and my mom’s visit and then getting caught up at work and Halloween, it’s been a bit of a whirl wind! ๐Ÿ™‚

We haven’t gotten in yet for her 2 year check up. We have it scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. ย I need to stop referring people to M’s pediatrician! When I scheduled it he was scheduled a month and a half ย out. Geez! That has never happened before – but the scheduler said he’s one of the really popular ones. I’m not surprised, he’s really great.

I do, however, have stats for her since she went to the doctor on her birthday for her eye surgery follow-up and on the 20th for her post-op from the most recent tumor re-section surgery. She was 24.6 lbs after the surgery. She lost about a pound and a half from the surgery, which isn’t surprising. She hardly ate at all for nearly a week, but I think she’s probably re-gained that by now. She’s about 33.5″ inches tall (I believe that’s what it was…I know it was 33.something…). It’s the first time they’ve measured her standing up instead of laying down! If the “double your height at 2″ trick works for her, she’ll be nearly 5′ 7”. I guess she’s not taking after her mommy with the petite jeans! Haha.

What has she accomplished developmentally at this point? A lot!!

  • She has become quite the chatterbox. We hear lots of 3 word phrases and even some 4 word phrases. Things like “kitty doing here??” (what’s kitty doing here) “Brush teeth now” “wonn a wosie song?” (Ring around the Rosie Song) “Tiger says grrrrrrr” “Go dowtairs watch Mickey” (Go downstairs and watch Mickey) “Birdie fwy in cwouds” (Birdies fly in the clouds)
  • Along with words comes counting. She is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! She can count from 1-10, sometimes going to 11 and 12. We haven’t made it to the teens, yet. She’s been doing that for the last 2 months. September 3rd, to be exact. How do I know that? We were at my friend’s wedding reception and M just started counting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now she loves to count everything! And she can identify numbers visually, too. From 1-10.
  • We’re also working a lot on letters. She’s not identifying ย very many of them, but she is quite comfortable with the ABC’s and we sing them often. When I say “we”, I mean, she actually sings along with me. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s pretty darling.
  • Next comes singing. We sing, a lot! And she’s learning words to songs. For example: Her teachers sing a certain song to her. She came home one day and started singing it and making hand motions and we had no idea what she was doing! We didn’t know where she came up with it until we asked her teachers, but she now calls it the Farah Song. That’s her lead teacher’s name. ๐Ÿ™‚ She also loves to sing Ring Around the Rosie and does the little dance/motions that go with that one as well. The Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (aka: wonn a wosie song), Daddy’s froggy song (aka: Froggy Song), The Marine Corps Hymn (aka:Daddy’s song), The Star Spangled Banner (aka: Pretty song).
  • Her world of animated movies has expanded greatly since her hospital stay. They kept her entertained when she couldn’t be active like she normally is. Shrek and Tangled are her two favorites. She used to call Shrek the “Donkey movie” but now she asks for it by name. Tangled is still the “horsie movie”, however. Rio is another one she enjoys a lot, it’s known as the “Birdie movie”. We don’t watch anywhere near as much as we did when she was post-op, but we will generally have movie time on a Saturday or Sunday where she gets to pick one to watch.
  • Mickey is still a huge obsession!! I let her watch an episode in the mornings before daycare while I’m gathering all of her things and getting her lunch put together for daycare. She can name all of the characters and sing the different songs.
  • Books are still #1 in this house, in terms of repeated activity. They are in basically every room in the house and she reads them constantly. In fact, she has so many books that her book bin and shelves are overflowing. I need to come up with a better storage solution. She reads them to herself, though, if I’m busy. It’s quite cute to listen to her ramble on about what she sees on each page.
  • She is learning about different animals and has all of their sounds pretty much mastered. She’s also learning about all sorts of different fruits and vegetables and what they look like/are called. We have been teaching her how to pick up after herself and how to take off her own shoes and put them on the shoe rack herself. ย She also is quite good at identifying colors and shapes and has gone from not knowing quite what to do with some of her puzzles to being a master at them.
  • The kitty is still her BFF. She loves to let the kitty in the house in the morning (kitty sleeps in the garage so she doesn’t keep us all awake at night) and she’s very good at being gentle with her these days. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t still get excited and squeal and shriek and chase her around…none of which Calliope is too fond of. She’s even got her name down “Kai-pee”. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • In the last 6 months she began daycare and is thriving. It has really shown what a sweet disposition she has. Other kids will be mean to her, take her toys, push her, whatever and she doesn’t retaliate. She’ll get upset, but she doesn’t retaliate. It makes me a little mad on the one hand, because I don’t want other kids to pick on her. But on the other it makes me proud that she is such a sweet girl. I foresee needing to teach her to stand up for herself a bit in the future.
  • Her days at daycare are full of different activities. Today was picture day! She’s also been to an “Assembly” at which the Reptile Man did a show. She goes for walks, plays outside every day, does art projects, has singing time, reads, etc.
  • Her “redhead” personality is still in full force. She is quite stubborn and will freak out if she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it. For example, when I am getting her out of the car to walk up to her class, she will ask to walk, and if I’m running late and try to carry her so I can hurry – screaming ensues. LOL! Generally I try not to do that, but sometimes it’s necessary.
  • As time goes on, she’s getting more and more snuggly. It is so awesome! I think it’s one thing to be snuggly as a newborn, but to have a little toddler that wants to snuggle with you and to know they mean it – that is awesome. I love her little hugs and kisses. In fact, in the hospital she couldn’t get enough of them – more than likely because she felt crummy, but she would grab my head with her little hands and pull it in towards her to get hugs and kisses.
  • We have been gradually introducing her to the potty. She sits on it in the evenings before bath time, and sometimes now she asks during the day. Daycare is gradually introducing it as well – offering her the potty and letting her try. So far she has had a number of successful attempts with us here at home, but none at daycare. In fact, Alex thought that he’d try this weekend to see how she would do if he put her in her Minnie Mouse undies. It went horribly with no successful attempts on the potty and she didn’t seem that interested in trying, so we know she’s not ready to try full time, but at least now we know. We’ll try again in a month or so to see if she’s more ready, then. But she is telling us when she’s gone and she does know what the potty is and what it’s for. So…we’ll see!
  • She is learning self-care. She rubs shampoo around on her hair and soap on her body during bath time. She’s also brushes her teeth and has a little stool at the sink which she stands on to get water on her toothbrush. Of course, I still have to help her with all of these things to make sure they’re correctly taken care of, but it’s fun to see her attempt and learn. Now she tells me that it’s time to brush her teeth, go potty and take a bath. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • We’re finally seeming to be back on track after her surgery with regard to sleep. I’m hoping that continues! We may even have to push her bed time back, because the earlier I put her to bed at night, the earlier she wakes up. And when I’ve put her to bed about 1/2 an hour to an hour later, she seems to sleep until a more normal/reasonable time. When I’ve been putting her to bed at her normal 7:30, she seems to be getting up way too early (think 4-5 am early).
  • Madeleine is getting better with her manners. She knows to say please and thank you, although generally needs to be prompted because she doesn’t say it the first time. Right now we’re working on saying excuse me after any…gaseous emissions. She’s starting to get the hang of that, too. In fact, she said excuse me the other day when something was in her way while she tried to push her little grocery cart around the house.
  • She’s getting to a point where she remembers people that aren’t every day people for her. That’s pretty exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚ For example, Uncle Paul came up and spent a couple of days with us and after he’d left, she kept asking about him. She always seems to be drawn to those that don’t gush over her. She likes people who play hard to get! Haha!
  • In terms of things we’ve been doing as a family – she got to visit the pumpkin patch for Halloween (more on that in a later post), she had a long visit from my mom after her surgery since I needed help so that I could work effectively from home while she was recovering. More on that in another post. Alex has taken her to the boats at Bellevue Square. For those not from the area, these are in a children’s play area at the mall that kids can climb and play in. We have gone berry picking, taken a trip to the Puyallup Fair and for mommy daughter pedicures. But mostly, we’ve just been busy with work, daycare, surgery, doctor’s visits and trying to get back on schedule and some sleep.
Now, for some additional photos. A friend had this shirt made for her. Isn’t it cute? And sparkly!! She loves sparkles – such a girl.

Whaaa? You want me to look at the camera??

And now, for some close-ups:

Still reading

Look at those pretty eyes!

You want me to do what?? Smile? Huh!


"You, pink Bear, you stay right there!"


I love this picture, because it's such a classic Madeleine face.

Hangin' out post-op.

I love this little outfit.

Ready to play outside!

One of her many birthday gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚ She loves that thing!

Her cutie little rain jacket! ๐Ÿ™‚ Out for a walk.

Ready to brush her teeth!

Time for mommy to help!

At the fair, checking out a fire truck!

Petting the miniature horses at the fair

"Cow say moooo!"

Hope you enjoyed! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll try to catch up on posting about the last month or so.


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  1. grandma

    I love the pictures! She is just too cute.

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