Madeleine’s 2nd Birthday

Seeing as how Madeleine’s major surgery was so close to her birthday, my plans for an elaborate birthday party this year were foiled. Doh! So, instead, we had a small brunch with just a few folks.  My parents had planned a trip out to Seattle for the weekend before her birthday before the surgery, so once we knew about the surgery and her inability to go to daycare for a while my mom extended the trip on both ends so she could help out. But this meant that my dad would fly out for only a couple of days in the middle of my mom’s trip. I know, confusing! LOL!

And thanks to the distraction of the surgery and recovery, I was literally planning it the day before.  Oye! And here are the photos. 🙂

For our BIG girl!! 2 Candles 🙂

Cupcakes for the party go-ers

Us with my parents. And no, she never stands still for photos. Haha!

Say a big welcome to our party guests:


More Grandparents

Bri and Paul

Bri and D!

One present was very difficult to wrap:

What is this?!?!?

Later in the afternoon, though, she got the hang of it and insisted on driving it all the way to the car. ((don't worry, we surrounded her on all sides to make sure there were no parking lot accidents))

And after brunch, it was time to open presents! She really had the hang of this this year.

A super Giant Card! She was amused by this.

Ripping the paper! Whoo!

What could possibly be next, but cake! And since it was brunch, I just did cupcakes. 10 am is too early for a full fledged cake.

Someone was nervous about the flame.


Ta da!!!

Yum! And this was the only bite she took. Ha! Not a sweets girl.

Thanks to those who were able to come celebrate with us!  Madeleine had a great time. And next year will have to be a big bash, planned well in advance, where she can run and romp and play.


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One response to “Madeleine’s 2nd Birthday

  1. grandma

    It was a wonderful, intimate function, with a delightful birthday girl. Glad we could be there and see her extended family. xo xo j

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