“I see Santa Cause!”


Some of you may remember 2009 or 2010 when we went to see Santa with Madeleine. She was still too young those years to verbalize who she was going to see, but this year she was thrilled. Ecstatic, even. Can’t you tell by the photo? Hahaha!

But in all honesty, she really was!! She kept talking about him that morning and how she was going to go see him and I thought maybe this year we’d get a smiling one. No such luck!! I chose the least upset of all of the photos for this year, if that gives you any indication of how upset she was.

We had to wait for them to print the photo, though, so we went to the grocery store nearby and got a snack for Madeleine and then went back. Of course then she was happy with Santa. She even went into the room and said “Bye bye Santa!” Haha! Of course. Of course she’s into it when we’re leaving. That’s my girl!! 😛

This was the same photo as previous years. I’m excited to have years of the same Santa in the photos to see the age progressions. So cool!


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