Happy 2012!

First, because this child is so silly, I just have to share this one…

And because you can’t quite tell…she was standing up and throwing herself backwards into the pillows, post-shower while I was trying to clean up the bedroom. She is a riot!

Snuggle time on the couch with mama when she wasn't feeling well.

In other news – we are all recovering from a pretty nasty cold that has plagued us for the last 2 weeks. On Wednesday I started to notice her behavior take a change for the worse where she was screaming and very easily upset. I thought she just hadn’t slept well. Friday I finally called the doctor to get her in and my intuition was right! She has/had a nasty ear infection to go along with the cough, runny nose, etc. She’s been on antibiotics for the last several days and is doing much better now. 😀

Happy 2012!!! May this year bring happiness and joy to everyone’s lives!! Without going into to much detail, we are looking forward to more health successes for Madeleine and health for us as well! She is growing so much and changing every single day. We’re both really enjoying our jobs and are looking forward to continuing that success and have really enjoyed this time of year to spend as a family with loved ones and friends.



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2 responses to “Happy 2012!

  1. Kelly

    I hope there is a trip to Chicago worked into your 2012 schedule??? I’d love to see you and know that Jonathan and M would LOVE some good quality play time!

  2. grandma

    I second Kelly’s opinion! Happy New Year to you too! xoxo

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