We have had a house guest for the last month and a half or so. Who is it??

It’s Madeleine’s Uncle Paul! He got a job in the Redmond area and needed somewhere to stay quickly before his job started. Madeleine is quite fascinated and adores him! Everything is “Uncle Paul” this and “Uncle Paul” that and sometimes it’s just “Uncle Paul! Uncle Paul! Uncle Paul!” And when she wakes up in the morning it’s “Downstairs? Uncle Paul?” And before we leave for the day it’s “bye bye Uncle Paul!” And sometimes it’s “Uncle Paul Doing???” (what’s Uncle Paul doing?).

Exhausting for poor Uncle Paul, I’m sure, but super fun for Madeleine. 😀

So, for now, Uncle Paul has a little hang-out in our dining area and Madeleine has a new BFF. 🙂


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