Happy Easter 2012

Oooooh! Eggggs!!


Yes, Easter was really quite fun for us this year! Not only was the weather fantastic, but Madeleine is old enough to know what’s going on and truly engage in it. Last year, she got bored of the egg coloring. This year she was directing which color she wanted to try next, putting the eggs in “a jetttly” (gently) and taking them out when they were done soaking. 🙂 We experimented with learning about what colors do when you mix them, so we have some eggs that are a blend of two colors so she could see what happened.

I wish I could describe how cute the process was. She’s also becoming quite bossy and demanding, so she would tell me very vocally which color egg she wanted to pull out, and when, so that I could move the color container closer to her.

And now a green one.

"I find it! I go a get dem! A wittow tweat!"

Then, it was on to the Easter egg hunt. I tend to forget how observant she is, and she spied the Easter basket on the dining room table much earlier in the day. She kept saying she wanted the “pink sock monkey” (yes, I really did find one! And so the sock monkey tradition lives on) but I made her wait until the afternoon. Surprisingly, she did a good job being patient. 🙂

Easter egg hunting this year was impressive. Last year she picked up on the fact that when I told her she could find a new egg, it meant she got something pretty and colorful. She moved quick! But, last year she was crawling. This year she was running around the yard looking for “wittow tweats!” (little treats) and she did a great job. Any of the eggs that weren’t out obviously in the open she had a kind of tough time with, so I directed her closer to them until she saw it. However, she just adored finding each one and collected them all in her basket quite handily.

"I got it!"

Then, since daddy was done putting things on the grill, it was time to play a bit with the soccer ball!



Silly Girl!!

By that point, dinner was done, so we headed inside to eat. A great day full of eggs, easter baskets and lots of fun for the kiddo!


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  1. grandma

    Love it- she is priceless and so is your write up. j

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