He’s a Master of….

Congratulations, hubby!

This past weekend Alex had commencement for his Tech MBA from the University of Washington Bothell campus. He has worked very hard for the last two years and we’re so proud of him!!

As a family, we make the decision to continue with his education despite Madeleine’s diagnosis with the theory that it won’t get any less stressful over time. He had just been accepted to the program and was month or so away from starting when Madeleine was diagnosed with cancer. Since I was out of work, a majority of her care fell on me, but I was fine with that. I knew it was important for him to power through his education so we could move on as a family. Boy, are we glad we made that decision because he is finally done!!!

After two long years in the program and 5 years of school since 2007, he had many long days and late nights. We’ve both seen promotions, cancer treatment, both of us starting new jobs at about the same time (a year ago) and a very demanding work/life balance for our family. However, we can check one box off the list! Alex has done it. 🙂 He is officially an MBA graduate!

Some of you might wonder why I am talking about myself in this post…and I am only because it’s been hard as a family. Much of his free time has been spent studying which drastically reduced his ability to spend time with us as a family. Drastically reduced his ability to help around the house, give me a break on the weekends, etc. However, he somehow still managed to get up early with her on Sundays when I was completely exhausted and needed an extra hour of sleep. He still somehow managed to help with housework when I was completely overwhelmed with my workload for work and was working 70+ hours a week. He is amazing and some might call him “super-dad!” I cannot state often enough how proud we are of him and how glad we are that he is such a hard worker for his future career and for our family.

So – that brings us to Sunday. Well, technically Saturday. We went over to Alex’s former co-worker’s house and classmate in this program. They’ve turned into good buddies and he was having a BBQ as a graduation party. It was really fun to be around a bunch of other couples with kids of similar ages to Madeleine (we don’t really get out much – see above for lack of family time notes 😛 ), and she thought it was awesome! Madeleine ran around with the other kids, ate dinner, entertained the baby and played with the dogs. We stayed out too late, but I think both Alex and I were having too good of a time to want to leave when we should’ve.

So mischievous – and she has her daddy’s eyes!

On Sunday much of the day was spent with Alex getting ready for graduation. He had to leave early so he could do the rehersal piece. I stayed home with M so she could get some sort of a nap in. Since we’d stayed out too late the night before and she woke up earlier than normal, she desperately needed it. The ceremony was nice, despite being unable to link up with Alex’s family whatsoever. Talk about a crowded arena! We finally found Alex in the mass of black robes on the floor and when he walked across the stage we cheered “Whooooooooooo!” M helped, even.

Afterwards I called my parents to let them know that he was officially a graduate and they were asking M all sorts of questions about what happened that day. I asked her, “M, what did daddy get today?” and in true 2 year old form she said “Daddy got a new hat! And a new book!” HAHA! I about died laughing. The new “book” was the blue cover that they put the faux diploma in. Oh, to see life out of the eyes of a 2 year old is a constant form of entertainment.

The fam

Afterwards we went to dinner with his family to celebrate, which was nice. Madeleine got to spend time with her Uncle Trevor and both sides of Alex’s family. We are so proud of you, honey!! Congratulations and here’s to many more years of success. 🙂



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3 responses to “He’s a Master of….

  1. Looks like such a great day – super huge congrats to ALL of you for getting through this. Can’t wait to see whats next!

  2. Congrats! What an accomplishment! I agree with Bri, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. grandma

    Way to go, Master! And Master’s Mrs for her roll, and Maddy for minimizing some of the distractions. Good ending for all!

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