She’s a Clever Little Monkey

Madeleine is really starting to get articulate. Her speech is exploding even more than it had been before and she’s routinely speaking in full sentences now. With that ability to portray her thoughts, she has come up with some very clever little comments.

Play Time!

Madeleine loves to run. I don’t stop her from running in the house, mostly because I don’t have an issue with it at this age and I’m just so glad that she can. But evidently it was posing problems for the teachers at her (former) school. More on that in another post.  The lead teacher began working with her on using her “walking feet” and then described the following incident to me when I was dropping her off one morning.

Just before nap time, when they were trying to calm the children down, Madeleine would not stop running through the classroom riling the kids up again. (whoops!) So the teacher asked her to please step into the hallway by the restroom and wait for her there. When she want to talk to Madeleine, she told her that she needed to use her walking feet inside, slow down and calm down for nap and Madeleine’s response? “But my walking feet go fast!!” LMAO!

Ok, seriously! She is so funny! That is both not the right response but also so clever and hilarious that I could not contain my laughter when her teacher told me. Said teacher agreed with me that it was a very clever response, and they continued working on using walking feet inside from that point until this week.

Next up was a moment where she was playing with her toys in the house. I can’t recall what I was doing, but she was playing with some of her stuffed animals in/near the kitchen. When I went back to the kitchen, I found this:

I proceeded to ask Madeleine why the animals were all lined up like that (because it looks a little strange, no?) and she said “Animals sleeping!!” LOL! Oooh, ok. That makes much more sense, because sleeping on her tummy is something that Madeleine does, too. 🙂

We use lots of experiences as teaching lessons, because we like to explain to her how the world works. Here Alex was showing her how chop sticks are used to pick up food.

The story that Alex loves to tell most has to do with an octopus. Shortly before he graduated, Alex’s school had a Veteran’s Day celebration which included honoring those veterans who were graduating. We went as a family and after the formal ceremony things broke out into “grab a snack and chit chat” time. We grabbed a little snack for Madeleine and found a table. While she was eating she had her legs out to the sides of the chair, instead of in front, and wiggled her arms around and said “I a octopus!” Pretending to be different animals is something that’s become quite frequent around here these days. So, Alex said to her “Really? How many legs does an octopus have?” To which Madeleine furrowed her brow, looked down at her legs and said pointed to each leg as she counted “One, two. Two legs!” Hahaha! We about died laughing at the practicality of her response.

Daddy’s girl!

And finally, tonight. Most of you probably know that Alex has been doing some motorcycle riding as of late. So now we watch motorcycle racing videos and Madeleine is completely fascinated by the entire sport/activity. She knows the names of some of the best professional motorcycle riders out there. She points out motorcycles every time we see one in an shrill, shrieky, excited voice. She talks about needing to wear a helmet to keep safe. And about how she doesn’t ride motorcycles, but instead rides bicycles. LOL! Alex has set the DVR to record a motorcycle race this weekend to watch with her and tonight he was telling her which racers would be in it. Before bed, she brought it up again so I asked who her favorite motorcycle rider was and do you know what she said? She said “My daddy a favorite rider!” 😀 Alex was there and just beamed when she said it. Truly, it was the sweetest thing. She is in a bit of a daddy’s girl phase right now, too. They are so cute together!!

Stay tuned for an update to come regarding her latest MRI as well as her change in child care facilities!


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