Time For a Change

I’m not going to go into specific details here, but wanted to make note that Alex and I had to make the difficult decision to remove Madeleine from the care of her current school/day care facility due to a lack of sufficient care. Not only was the care insufficient with repeated incidents around the same issue, but the administration refused to take accountability for the injuries our daughter incurred on Wedneday (June 27th). In addition, they did not propose to change anything about their protocols or procedures or staffing issues which left us feeling as though her safety was at risk by keeping her in their care.

This situation is sad and upsetting on numerous levels.

  • I am heartbroken that we placed her in the care of a school who has allowed the level of injury that she has incurred.
  • I am heartbroken that she is in so much pain and so scarred by the pain she’s in.
  • I am heartbroken that we have had to rip her away from the friends that she has made at this school. There is one child in particular that she was incredibly close to and I’m really sad that she won’t get to play with him every day anymore.

Luckily, Alex spent a good portion of the day after this incident (because we refused to return her to their care, we both had to take some time off work) calling other care facilities. Then the next day, I took the day off work to care for her and called additional facilities. We have since toured one facility and have another tour scheduled for Tuesday, July 3rd. We anticipate having her enrolled and ready to start the new school next week after the July 4th holiday.

The guilt I feel is immense. I do not know how to wrap my mind around the fact that we trusted someone who placed our daughter in this situation. This has always been my biggest fear around selecting a child care provider. I just hope that this does not have any long term emotional damage for M. 😦



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3 responses to “Time For a Change

  1. grandma

    Being a parent means you try like crazy, but cannot control everything. You have done your best in every area, and she is very resilient thanks to her parents! xo xo j

  2. Oh no!! You can’t blame yourself. They seemingly were a good place for her for a long time and you are far from an inattentive parent to have missed anything that would have been obvious. I’m glad you got her out of the bad situation and that she can heal and move forward too, I’m proud of your swift action! Maybe report the bad facility somewhere too. That’s NOT ok, whatever happened. 😦

    • thetomlinfamily

      Yeah, we’re waiting to resolve some things with the school and then I will definitely be reporting them to the state. =/

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