Mother’s Day/Father’s Day 2012 Combo

Since I never got around to posting about Mother’s Day 2012, I figured I would combine it with a Father’s day post.

Mother’s Day:

What a great day! We woke up early to go kayaking in Seattle. Madeleine had a blast and has not stopped talking about kaying since. We need to go back when we have another day of decent weather – we could hardly get her out of the boat when it was time to go to lunch!!

“I go a kayaking!”

Then we were off to the Greenlake Bar and Grill, which was very nice, as well. We had an enjoyable lunch together and headed home for Madeleine’s nap. The rest of the afternoon we just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.


Father’s Day:This year, Father’s Day Weekend was a bit of a disaster. I had plans for Alex and us to celebrate and it all was thwarted by a migraine and some bizarre allergic reaction to something. I’m still not sure what, but it hasn’t happened in a week and a half, so I think we’re ok. Needless to say, I spent the entire weekend in bed just trying to get my migraine to go away. Those of you that know me know that I don’t use the word “migraine”. I always say “headache”.  I find it incredibly annoying that people use the term “migraine” so loosely and complain of having one when they really have a headache. So, the fact that I’m using the term here means it was that bad. In fact, it was bad enough that I had Alex drive me to the doctor because I’ve never experienced anything like it. But, enough of that. The weekend was ruined. 

So, this weekend we had a Father’s Day “Re-Do”! What is that, you say? Well, we just pretended that today was Father’s day and did everything we were going to do before.

The day started out by taking some breakfast in bed to Alex along with his Father’s day present. A couple of friends of mine did a “child’s survey” for their husbands for Father’s Day and it was so cute, I wanted to do it for Alex. Only difference is that I had her decorate a canvas, and then put the survey in the middle for him. We went to the craft store and she picked out all of the supplies, stickers, etc for it. Also note how she stuck the different animals together, like little families. 😀 Then I modge-podged the entire thing and ta-da!! Ignore the lumpiness in the photos. It hasn’t dried completely and was much flatter after all was dry. Also, M and I added some lavendar rhinestones, because she loved them at the craft store. Those aren’t shown in these photos, either.

First, the survey.

The whole thing!

Alex should be spending more time in his office at work, too, so this is meant to be something for him to take to work and put up in his office. 🙂 Once he was done eating his breakfast and opening his present and getting some much needed snuggles from Madeleine, we all got ready to go out. Out where? To see a movie! Unfortunately, the rainy weather today prevented us from going to Remlinger Farms, like I had planned. So I had to make last minute adjustments. 

“No, my dress is not pretty. It’s buuuutiful!!” (Yes, she actually said this today)


Trying to get a cute picture, what a goof!

Such a sweet pair. 🙂

We went out to see Brave, which was really cute.  We got there early, so M and Alex played a race car game in the lobby.

Go fast!

“I feeding a daddy! I sharing!”

  Brave is the first movie that Madeleine got scared at, which was also adorable. She kept squaling and then hiding her face behind my arm. She ate lots of popcorn and drank lots of water and overall had a nice time. At the end we asked if she liked it and she said “Yeah! It’s scary!” LOL. After the movie, we went home to feed M and get her a nap. She’s been fighting a cold since about Thursday, so she desperately needed it.  After she woke up from her nap (she slept a loongg time!) we got ready and took Alex out to dinner.

❤ them!

This year was fun, as it’s the first year where we feel Madeleine was truly able to understand what these two days are about – and it’s really fun to see her spoil her daddy for all of his love and care that he gives her.  In fact, this evening she said to him “You’re the best daddy in the whole world!” 😀


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  1. grandma

    I love this entry! Such a great little family.

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