Check that out! (And take notice of her orange finger nails. She was quite thrilled about that)

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here (with the most recent post being an exception). Since we changed M’s daycare in June-ish, she has been thriving in her new school. She has made new friends, likes her teachers, has show and tell (and is always asking me to take things to school for her for show and tell). She does Yoga and has art class. Her cubby always has new art projects that she’s completed and her arms are always covered in some sort of art supply (markers, paint, etc). They read and are fed all organic, locally sourced food. They sing and they dance and play outside on the playground. She adores the sandbox. It’s a great program.

One of the things this program works on from a young age that her other school didn’t is handwriting. Since the very first week, she has told us that she is “writing” and would scribble lines on her chalk board. She is actually getting quite good at it. She holds her pencil, much the same way that she sees us write. I’ve had people comment on it, actually. 🙂

So, on the way back from Vancouver, she drew the picture above when we stopped for lunch and was really excited to have her own pencil. Thing is, it was the restaurant’s pencil and we couldn’t bring it home which was quite upsetting to Madeleine. Alex promised that he’d get her a pencil at home, and that if we didn’t have one – we mostly use pens – that he’d run to the store and get her one. Well guess what!!? We didn’t have one. So guess who went to the store !?!? Yep – he did.

With her new notebook and pencil

He came back with a composition notebook and a packet of pencils for her with a pencil sharpener. This $3 gift has been one of the most popular in a while. She loves to sit down at her table and write words. She asks us to write her name for her, to write letters and our names, as well. She’s trying to figure it all out.

We also still have random scribbling and “pictures” that she tells me are coins. We predict that she will be one of those children who loves homework – who comes home from school and sits down to study. We find her like the picture to the left quite often. And here – just for pure entertainment value – an example of what a goof she is!! She told me she was going to lay down and take a nap while I cooked dinner. LOL It was awfully cute and oh-so-distracting.



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