Seattle’s One Big Kiss!!

I know I haven’t posted in forever (and trust me, I have a whole ton of things to blog about! That’s the problem, we’ve been too busy doing fun things to actually post about them. 🙂 )

But, tomorrow and Wednesday are big days! Some of you may remember in 2011 when Madeleine and I went to the hospital for KISS 106.1’s One Big Kiss. Well, in 2012 we couldn’t go, but I did listen and donate, as usual.

This year, the One Big Kiss event is starting tomorrow, 2/26 and continuing on Wednesday 2/27. You can read more about it and find out how to donate to the hosptial here.

Unfortunately, I’ll be in meetings most of tomorrow, so cannot listen like I would like to. Please, if you can, donate to a wonderful cause. Children’s treats so many kids whose families could otherwise not afford this type of world-class healthcare. We will forever be in debt to them for the fantastic work they did for Madeleine from diagnosis, to treatment to physical therapy, surgeries and beyond.



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2 responses to “Seattle’s One Big Kiss!!

  1. grandma

    we’ll do our part again this year! xo xo

  2. grandma

    OK- done- in honor of Miss Madeleine and her wonderful Drs and parents! 🙂

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