Who am I?

I’m Heather! A 20-something mommy of one. My husband and I welcomed our first little one in October of 2009, a baby girl named Madeleine. 🙂  This blog has followed my pregnancy journey, birth and the early months of Madeleine’s life to keep family and friends updated about how things are going.

Once things took a turn down the cancer path, this blog was full of updates about Madeleine’s treatment, progress and day to day life while going through chemotherapy and cancer treatment. As I’m sure you may realize, this became the center of our daily life and the axis on which our world turned. It seemed as though everything relates back to doctors appointments, medicine schedules, additional feedings because of steroids, sleeping schedules (or lack thereof) and on and on.

Who am I? Well, I’m a wife, daughter and friend. I used to work full-time at a local architecture firm before the economy had other ideas about what my job would be. So, for a while I was a full-time mommy. I also volunteered on our town’s design review board until we moved out of city limits and had to resign. Now, I work at a large tech company in the real estate and facilities department and coordinate furniture requests. Have a cat. Love my DVR. Take way too many pictures and videos. Watch UFC fight nights with my husband. Am learning the art of the garden. Am a huge football fan. Go Seahawks! Enjoy cooking and baking when I’m in the mood to clean up the mess created in the process. And spend way too much time online.

We appreciate any and all good thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and the like. Madeleine could use everything you have right, and we certainly know that the power of positive thinking is there. We continue to have hope and stay positive that her progress will remain positive and not take any steps backwards, but life is a day by day battle and all we can do is take it day by day.

Now that I’m a full time working mommy again, life is even more chaotic – in a different way. I know blog posts have gotten much less frequent, and I apologize for that, but I will try to stay a bit more current on here. Starting, now!!

Add me to your blogroll and leave me a comment!! 🙂


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