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Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

So, obviously this post is about a month late, but it was such a fun year this year that I just had to share!

A lot of people think that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, and to a degree, it is. But I also think it’s such a fun day to show each other that you care – not that this shouldn’t happen throughout the year. I find it important to show Madeleine that you should show others why you love them and take some time to be selfless, caring, appreciative and kind. That being said, for Valentine’s day, we did a number of things.

First, school: They didn’t do anything super formal, but did decorate paper bags for their Valentines. Anyone who wanted to brought in Valentines and the friends all got to take their bags home that evening to see what their friends put in their bags. I did Valentines with Madeleine. Nothing fancy, just the ones you get at the store. But, I had her choose which version she wanted to give to each friend and then she signed an “M” on each one. 🙂

Second, her daddy: I didn’t feel the need to do anything elaborate or outlandish, but wanted to make sure it was thoughtful. I decided to help her write him a note about all of the things she loves about him. See the photos, below, for the details of this letter. She had a little bit of a hard time with the concept, so a few of the answers she gave were quite hilarious. Others were just super sweet, and yet others were a little bit…shocking? You can view a video of her showing her daddy his present by clicking here. At the end you even hear her say “You can say thank you to me?” LOL! We’ve been pretty strict about manners and she calls us out sometimes. 🙂

Letter - Page 1

Letter – Page 1

Letter - Pg 2

Letter – Page 2


She wrote "daddy" in much the same method she wrote her own name. :) I told her what letters to write and she did it!

She wrote “daddy” in much the same method she wrote her own name. 🙂 I told her what letters to write and she did it!

Her artwork for him

Her artwork for him

And finally, our own celebration as a couple: I made a trip to Portland with some girlfriends in January for my future sister in law’s wedding dress hunt!! You can read about it on my friend’s blog here. While there, we did some shopping in downtown Portland and I picked up adorable little mini-notecards with matching envelopes, a heart seal and red seal wax. I forgot to take photos of them after they were sealed, but I planted them throughout Alex’s work bag, car, etc so that he would find them throughout the day. 🙂

 I had been planning on making a delicous dinner, but Alex said he didn’t feel I should have to make dinner on Valentine’s Day. So – he took us out to our favorite Mexican restaurant down the road. We didn’t want to deal with the chaos at any of the “traditional” Valentine’s places and it was a nice little night out with my two loves.

Getting a good picture out of my little ham is next to impossible. LOL!

Getting a good picture out of my little ham is next to impossible. LOL!

M and mommy!

M and mommy!

And of course, what would Valentine’s Day be without red roses from my hubby??

❤ ❤ ❤

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day this year!!!


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Big Girl Bed!

April 19th was officilly Madeleine’s half-birthday, making her two and a half. We decided that this was as good an age as any to switch from a crib to a big girl bed. I am was not ready. She was contained and I was happy with that, but realize she’s got to learn sooner or later. So – two Saturday’s ago we tackled converting her crib to a toddler bed. Complete with toddler rail to keep her from falling out. What did she teach me the first night? Those rails are worthless. Heh. I walked into her room after hearing a thump and then blood curdling screams from a toddler who had suddenly fallen out of bed. ***sigh***

YAY! "I got a book! I weading!"

She is, however, pretty psyched about the fact that she can read books in her bed and get in and out all by herself. So psyched, in fact, that I have now removed all toys and books from her room until she starts sleeping. The last two days she has instead played with books instead of napping, which has resulted in quite a cranky girl.

So cute! We about died laughing at the half in/half out sleeping arrangement. 😀

Our little girl is growing up so fast! We do hope that sleeping in her big girl bed starts to go a little bit easier, but we realize that it’ll take a little bit of time. The next big change? Potty training! She’s gearing up and knows that she needs to start using the potty in order to wear her big girl undies. Let’s see how long this transition takes. 😉


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Fun in the sun!

We have had some fabulous summer weather lately, so this past weekend we thought of some fun things to do with Madeleine so she could enjoy the weather. 🙂

First, Alex suggested going blackberry picking. Madeleine loves “bahbwees”. Not just blackberries, but all berries!! I had a feeling she’d enjoy this activity, and she totally did! Alex helped lift her up high so she could get the berries that were difficult to reach, and that little girl is a berry gobbler! She ate so many berries. Ha! I didn’t think she would eat dinner.

Look how high!

See how thrilled she is?


Time to pick more berries

She needed to burn off some steam after picking berries, so she ran around playing for a little bit. She loved the “fowers” and thought they were pretty and smelled nice.

Time to take a moment to smell the flowers 😀

We had a great time! After we got home, she got to run in the sprinkler, but those photos/video will be saved for another day. 🙂

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Puh-pee! Puh-pee!

It’s a fairly well known fact that Madeleine has never been to daycare. First because she didn’t need to go since I am home with her, and then she couldn’t go because of the chemo and her lack of immunity. Now that she’s all caught up on her shots, though, I have the option to drop her in daycare if I need to.

Those of you who know us well probably also know that Alex got a new job. One of the benefits of this job is a gym membership to a very nice local gym. I’ve never been a member of such a fancy place! So earlier this week we went in for our gym tour and signed up for a family membership. Where am I going with this? Well, the gym also has a daycare center. A pretty large one at that. And Madeleine fits right in the age group to be in the 12-24 month old room. YAY! She also seemed very interested in the kids and toys when we had our tour of the facility, so I was hoping she would adjust well.

The other night I went to the gym after M was in bed already, and Alex stayed home to be with her. But today I reserved a slot for her to go for about an hour and a half so I could work out, sit in the sauna for a bit and then shower and clean myself up. And she did fantastic!  In fact, she would hardly give me the time of day so I could kiss her goodbye. There were too many toys to play with and playmates to examine. Once I finally started to edge my way out of the room, a bit baffled by her lack of concern for what her mommy was doing, I saw her toddling over to a plastic puppy and she started saying “puh-pee! puh-pee!”. With that, I knew she was just fine and I slipped out of the room while giggling to myself.

All in all, it was a successful day at the gym. I got everything done that I wanted to do, Madeleine had a lot of fun, and we each had lunch in the bistro afterwards. I didn’t get any photos of her in the day care, but I did get this one after the drive home. She sure tired herself out!


And then, when I carried her upstairs and put her in bed, she stayed asleep. Poor thing! I’m taking her again tomorrow so I can attend a spinning class. 🙂

See? I wasn't kidding about her sleeping with her giant sock monkey.

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Random Talking News


Aside from the walking, Madeleine is making progress with her vocabulary by leaps and bounds. As a recap, at 17 months, she had these words: mama, dada, bye bye, hi, daddy, kitty, puppy, birdie, blue, book, up, yes, snack, duck, bath, bubbles, balloon, moon, peas, shoe, cheese, dirty, papa (for grandpa), teeth, bath, cookie, pink and the sign language for milk, thirsty, more and all done.

She has gotten much better at daddy and can now say mommy. She also just says me, banana, mickey, monkey, baby, top, sock, ball. She is working on teddy bear. I know she has more words than that at this point, but I am completely blanking on them now.

"baaooo" (Balloon)

We’e also working on her alphabet! She can say a number of different letters now, when prompted by us. Although “A” still confuses her. As does “E”. Whenever we say “eeee” she makes her mouth into a big O and says “ooooooooo”.  That is pretty funny!

However, the most notable language difference is her use of 2 word phrases! She has said “blue ball” and also “top teeth”. 🙂 She even does it with sign language! She will sign “more milk” now.

And I must say, she is one of the noisiest kids ever. People often stare at us in the stores, because if she sees something she likes, like a ball, she’ll start screaming out “ba! ba! ba! ba!” So silly!

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More walking

Just because I can’t get over it yet…here’s another video from yesterday morning. A longer clip. 🙂

Walking again!

Then last night she started walking back and forth and back and forth across our kitchen.  She’s been doing it today, too, and it seems to be her favorite place to practice so far. Thus far I’ve counted 13 steps as being the most! But it may be higher than that – I just didn’t count every time. She can get about half way across our 12 foot long kitchen before needing a balance check. Go baby go!


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From a not great day, to a GREAT day!

I have been waiting for this day since the doctors told me she’d never walk. Since the day she showed glimmers of movement. Since the day she started kicking her legs, to rolling over, to pushing to sit and then crawling. I have been waiting. Wondering what it’d be like to truly have a toddler toddling around.

I was starting to wonder if she would indeed need the leg braces that her physical therapist had talked about, because she jut wasn’t taking any steps, or really even trying, and we are coming up on the 4-6 week window that Leslie had given us for a time frame of when she should start.

Last week, actually it was exactly a week ago, she took a tiny little step with one foot. I didn’t really count this as walking because it was only one or two tiny little steps and then she’d just stop. But, regardless, I was excited. She has since taken little tiny steps, but nothing more than 1 or 2.

Then tonight, while Alex was home (which is really cool because he was sad when he missed the little step last week), she started full on walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is still wobbly – as you will see – but she’s doing it! And actually, she was less wobbly at the end of the night than she was in that video. I managed to grab the video camera right after she took her first several steps (of which there were 5).

The rest of the evening she spent working on her walking – back and forth from the living room to the back door taking anywhere from 1-12 steps at a time, losing her balance, and then getting back up to walk some more. She was so proud of herself – which she very well should be! I was so excited I squealed and clapped and jumped around after her first set of steps, so she knows she did something great. 😀 After that she would squeal every time she got up and started taking steps.  In fact, at one point I went into the kitchen and she got down, crawled over to me in the kitchen and got up to walk again. I can just hear her saying “look mommy! I can do it!”

SO, without further hesitation, I present you with Madeleine. The walking girl!! **click here**


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